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Anti Etch

Marble countertops is one of the most elegant surface types you can have in your home or commercial space.  It's cool and bright, extremely popular and it goes with any decor. 

So, should you use marble as your countertop surface? Absolutely!

Acid-sensitive stones like marble, limestone, travertine, and onyx are prone to etching when acidic substances come in contact with these stone types, the acid actually begins to eat away at the surface, which creates dull spots known as etching.  An etch is not a stain and cannot be prevented by using even the best penetrating stone sealer.

Everyday items that you use in your kitchen such as lemons, vinegar, coffee, wine, and soda or in your bathroom, like certain cleaners, and lotions can quickly cause an etch mark.  While it's certainly possible to repair etches, the process can be labor intensive and expensive.  Most importantly, the repair does not protect against future etching. 

Introducing MORE™ AntiEtch™

MORE™ AntiEtch™ will stop etching and staining caused by acidic foods and liquids.  This innovative solution forms a durable, ultra-low visibility, super-thin, coating that prevents the toughest stains and caustic solutions from coming in contact with your marble countertop surface.

With MORE™ AntiEtch™ you can enjoy your marble with MORE™ peace of mind and freedom.  

Go ahead!  Have the family and friends over and have the party started!

Features and benefits of MORE™ AntiEtch™

  • Stops etching and staining.

  • Crystal clear finish.

  • Can be applied on marble, limestone, onyx, travertine, and concrete.

  • Can be applied to honed, polished, and leathered surfaces.

  • Can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

  • Low odor during application.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • Safe on food-contact surfaces.

  • Zero porosity - germs and bacteria have nowhere to grow.

  • Will not crack or peel.

  • Easy to maintain and repair.

  • Durable - 10 year life expectancy

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