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Formats              Tiles    Slabs 



thickness            3mm    6mm    1cm    2cm    3cm


finishes                polished   honed   leathered   textured



Applications       interior

                             countertops   walls   floors   baths




                             countertops   cladding    pavers   pools


Maintenance      Low   Medium   High



Due to its composition of mostly Calcium Carbonate, Marble is often a feared choice for kitchen applications, since when in contact with acidic solutions commonly found in kitchen such as lemon/lime, vinegar, wine, it can create etch marks and stains. However, marble has been seen on indoor and outdoor applications on flooring, countertops and facade for centuries. 

The beauty of the marble is on its aging overtime. 

Just like every other stone, marble has its own characteristics and it can be used on kitchens. When it comes to marble maintenance, Stone Center offers solutions to prevent the most common issues that often happens on marble countertops such as stains and etching.

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