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Vetrazzo Has Always Been An Eco-Friendly Product.

Back when “green” was just a color and not a sustainable development term, Vetrazzo was already using glass refuse to create stunning surfaces.

A slab can be made of 100% recycled glass.

Vetrazzo is the logical choice for consumers and professionals who care about the ecological impact of their projects, especially for LEED buildings:

  • We are committed to highest sustainability standards

  • Our engineers are always looking for ways to integrate new glass sources and other materials, such as the oyster shells

  • We use pre- and post-consumer recycled glass from local curbside recycling programs to reduce our carbon footprint

Over the years, glass from sources as surprising and varied as old traffic lights from a city in California, all kinds of jars, windshields from cars or architectural glass from skyscrapers has gone into Vetrazzo mixes.

And as these glass sources evolve, the engineers in Tate, where Polycor manufactures Vetrazzo, are always seeking similar pre- and post-consumer glass to maintain continuity in our collections.

We make sure that each slab is unique, even those of the same color blend.

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